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Biomimetic Dentistry


Biomimetic is the study of the structure and formation of biologically produced substances for the purpose of synthesizing similar products that resembles the natural ones. Biomimetic dentistry uses minimally invasive procedures and preserves the natural tooth structure as much as possible. The damaged teeth are treated in a way that it is minimally invasive.

This treatment approach strives to preserve the tooth structure and uses restorative materials and techniques that ‘mimic’ the natural teeth. Teeth restored with biomimetic methods look and feel exactly like natural tooth in form , function aswel pocket friendly . Veeyes Dental Clinic prides itself in being the pioneers in the field of  biomimetic treatments in restorative dentistry. These treatments are efficient, easier to tolerate and provide long-lasting Solutions.

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Inlays, Onlays and overlays are indirect restorations fillings used when there is moderate decay cavity space which requires a lot of chair side time or when the damage is not severe enough to use a crown. They are made of durable and enduring materials like metals and zirconia. They significantly strengthen the tooth. While inlay is placed in the chewing surface between the cusps of the tooth, onlay covers one or more cusps of tooth.

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