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Teeth Alignment

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Conventional Metal braces are basic type which is most widely and commonly used braces for kids and young adults. In this treatment, small metal passive pre-programmed brackets are attached to the teeth and connected with a thin wire which generates force for teeth to move. They are held in place using elastic bands and are monthly adjusted to align your teeth. This is a cost-effective and reliable treatment.




Self-ligating metal braces are one of the advanced braces which much look like regular metal braces. The differences—instead of elastic bands, special clips are used to hold wire, which deliver low continuous force, and  highly efficient. Self-ligating braces require fewer orthodontal visits and lesser chair side-time. They are easy to clean and pain less braces while

 during activation. Some of the Standard brands we use are  Damon system by ormco, Empower by American Orthodontics.




Ceramic braces are more popular among hostel teens and adults who are looking for less obvious appearance of the braces. The ceramic braces are clear or tooth-coloured and don’t stand out as much as the metal braces. Treatment results are same as self ligation braces. The standard brand we use is Clarity SL.




Unlike the regular braces, lingual braces are attached to the backside/ inside surfaces of your teeth. They are custom (CAD CAM DESIGNED) made to the lingual contours of the teeth and may take a while to get used to because of its location. They are just as effective as regular braces with lingual biomechanics. Highly recommended for age group above 30 + years for social appearance. Truly invisible to anyone other than you and orthodontist.




 No braces concept. Recently popularized because of near-invisible alternatives to braces. Invisalign are recommended for all age group including teens and adults and are suited for less severe orthodontic problems. Invisible braces are custom made to specifically fit your teeth. Invisible Aligners have to be worn consistently for the treatment to work. This concept comes in different name like clear aligner,clear path, K-line, Clear correct, Flez-align.




Interceptive orthodontics is diagnosing and treating any malpositioned teeth and differential jaw growth that the child may require at an early stage, while the permanent teeth are still growing. Dentofacial orthopaedics is a tool used by orthodontic dentists to guide the development of child’s jaw and teeth while the Jaws are still growing. This treatment is popularly known as Myobraces. Orthodontist uses various appliances such as Activator, Frankel’s, Bionator, Twin Block to improve oral musculature, harmonize Jaw growth and helps in physiological teeth eruption. This helps in avoiding or minimising any dental issues that may arise in future. In Dentofacial orthopaedics, when the growth of jaws is complete,We try to correct the Skeletal malocclusions  through surgical corrections also known as Orthognathic surgery.

Crooked or misaligned teeth, gaps in-between teeth are common among children and grown-ups. Teeth can grow crooked or become crooked after a while. Malaligned jaw, prolonged, repetitive habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, genetic carryover, poor dental care, facial injury etc. are some of the causes of crooked teeth. Although there are various reasons that cause crooked teeth, it is never too late to straighten your smile. At Veeyes, the branch of orthodontics offers you effective alignment treatments like orthodontic braces treatment, modifying   growth through various appliances, surgical correction of your jaws  with best results using all modernised and advanced techniques.

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