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Laser Dentistry





Every aspect of dental care can be enhanced with adjuvant laser therapy.

A variety of lasers are now the main-stay of dental treatment. Almost every aspect of dental care can be enhanced with adjuvant laser therapy. The Advantages include:-

  • Painless, bloodless procedures and surgery

  • Local anesthesia injections can be avoided in most cases

  • No stitches required

  • Reduced need for post-operative antibiotics and painkillers

  • Reduced post-operative swelling and discomfort

  • Quicker recovery

Few important applications of lasers in dentistry are:-

Reducing sensitivity of teeth (Laser desensitizing) – When multiple teeth are sensitive due to gum recession or excess enamel wear, dental laser can significantly reduce the sensitivity.

Laser Bleaching – Tooth whitening done with lasers, leads to lesser sensitivity when compared to the conventional method. Leads to lesser post-operative sensitivity.

TMJ Pain – laser root canal treatment in chennai are shown to be very effective in treating joint pains

Cavity Preparations – Done by laser avoid the use of a drill; hence laser root canal treatment in chennai eliminate the sound and vibrations. Have reduced post-operative sensitivity

Growth Removal – Painless removal of small growths in the mouth.

Laser de-pigmentation – Lightening of dark gums

Laser frenectomy – To remove frenal attachment between the lip and teeth

Laser Curettage – Conservative Treatment of Infected Gums

Laser Gingivectomy – Reduction of Excess Gums/Gummy smile treatment

Treatment of Apthous Ulcer – Reducing Pain in an ulcer by disinfecting it and coating it with laser root canal treatment in chennai

Laser Assisted Root Canals – Highest levels of sterilization in a root canal are achieved with lasers

Treatment of white lesions – Early lesions can be removed using lasers(pre-cancer treatment)

Laser Uncovery of Implants – Painless, Bloodless technique used to uncover an implant for impressions

Treatment of Diseased/Infected Implants – Implant failure can be avoided if implant infections are treated early.

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