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Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been used in dentistry for more than two decades. They are used for both hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissue (gum) treatments. Some of the treatments include teeth whitening, treating gum disease, tooth decay, disinfecting root canals, tooth sensitivity, detecting cavity, reshaping gum tissues, Lightening your dark gums,  treating soft tissue growths etc. Some of the advantages of using laser include requiring fewer sutures, less blood loss, shortens healing time and reduces the risk of infections.


Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is required when there is an insufficient bone volume for dental implants or in areas where there is bone loss due to gum diseases.  It is done to repair or rebuild the bones by transplanting healthy bone tissue such as auto graft from chin or ramus areas or  xenograft or synthetic bone substitutes. Most of the patients who need dental implants due to tooth loss require bone grafting.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry improves the  beauty of teeth, gums, smile and  teeth whitening. Modern cosmetic dentistry tries to bring about a positive change in your smile. Stained, worn out, discoloured, broken,  malaligned, chipped and  tooth gap can be fixed  cosmetically. It promotes not only a smart and radiant smile but also the overall health and function of your teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry is a constantly evolving field that creates not just wonderful smiles but also instils confidence. Procedures done under cosmetic dentistry include ceramic braces, invisible braces, composite veneers, porcelain veneers, crowns, gum treatments, composite fillings, teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, Dental implants etc. At Veeyes, we work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that’s best and economical for you. Get a complete ‘smile makeover’’ even Pre-wedding smile makeover with no apprehensions in a short duration.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is practiced and performed to help patients avoid future dental problems or catching them in the early stages. The practice of caring for your teeth thoroughly helps in avoiding cavities, enamel loss, gum diseases, loss of teeth, etc. Preventive dentistry is something everybody, irrespective of age or gender can benefit from this.

Preventive dentistry promotes the following practices and habits for the long-term well-being of your natural teeth:

  • Proper brushing to remove bacteria and plaque.

  • Flossing daily for food impaction between the tooth.

  • Regular dental check-ups and cleanups.

  • Creating Dental awareness about the ill effect of smoking and tobacco chewing.

  • Fluoride applications.

  • Pit and fissure sealants for growing children to prevent cavities as their earliest.

  • Teeth cleaning.

We conduct regular dental camps to educate people regarding dental health and teach them proper brushing techniques, detect early caries and gum disease.  Parents who worry about the dental health of their children have been benefited from the camp.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Fracture / Broken Tooth Management

Over time, the food and drinks you consume tend to change the natural color of your teeth. Teeth whitening is a process that involves teeth bleaching or lightening your teeth. It is an effective way of brightening the natural color of your teeth without losing any tooth surface. Intrinsic stains or stains which are present from eruption of tooth such as fluorosis can treated with Teeth bleaching. It can be done either in the clinic or even at home through serious of treatment procedures. While the procedure, is less time consuming the overall treatment involves multiple sittings with your dentist and thorough aftercare.

A tooth fracture is caused when there is any accident, improper biting forces, sudden trauma due to biting hard substances. Types of fractures include break, cracked lines, split tooth, vertical root fracture etc. Since our teeth cannot heal on its own , repairs and treatments have to be done to retain the form and function of the teeth.  Treatment options depend on the extent of the fracture. If it involves only enamel then simple Tooth colour filling or veneers may help. When it is too deep to involve the centre of the tooth, then it requires root canal treatment followed by a cap or veneer. If it is a through and through fracture then it needed to be extracted and replaced by an tooth implant.

Preventive Dentistry

Dental Crowns

Crown is used as a cover or Dental cap on a damaged, weakened, or fractured tooth. They not only make the tooth look better aligned and natural but also strengthens it. They are made of the following materials: ceramic, porcelain, zirconia, metal, composite resin, or a combination of these materials. They can also be placed on top of dental implants.

Teeth that are severely worn down, cracked, weakened, or broken require dental crowns. Dental crowns are also used to cover an implant or to hold a dental bridge in place. This restorative procedure requires at least a couple of visits to the dentist.

Visit 1

X-Rays of the tooth and bone are taken and assessed to make sure there are no risks involved in doing this procedure. In case of any decay present, it is removed and treated first. The tooth is restructured according to the crown used. Impressions of the tooth are taken and sent to the lab to make the dental crown. A temporary crown is placed in the meantime.

Visit 2

The temporary crown is replaced with the permanent crown and adjusted till it matches to the opposing biting teeth. The lifespan of the permanent crown ranges between 5-15 years which mainly depends on the maintanence by the patient and regular follow up dental visits.

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Dental Crown

Teeth in an Hour

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of essence. Teeth in An Hour is a revolutionary concept that provides patients with new permanent teeth implants in record time. Veeyes Dental Clinic is one of the very few  advanced dental clinics to implement this concept.

We take advantage of cutting-edge technology and advanced modern equipment to provide tooth implants for patients with healthy jawbone. With the help of our 3D imaging scans and x-ray we prepare the right fit for you without any hassle. At Veeyes Dental Clinic, the advanced  dental implant center get well-functioning, attractive and natural-looking dental implants and restorations fixed in an hour at affordable cost.

Teeth in an Hour

Teeth Replacement

A natural and full smile can amount to confidence. But that’s not the only reason to replace the lost tooth; they have to be replaced for health reasons as well. Gum disease, genetic condition, injury and decay are some of the causes for missing tooth. Loss of tooth, if not looked at, can lead to further complications. Today, there are many options for teeth replacement. With Veeyes, return your smile to its natural state with fixed teeth best suited for you. 

Teeth Replacement

Teeth Alignment

Crooked or misaligned teeth, Gaps in-between teeth are common among children and grown-ups. Teeth can grow crooked or become crooked after a while. Malaligned jaw, prolonged, repetitive habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, genetic carryover, poor dental care, facial injury etc. are some of the causes of crooked teeth. Although there are various reasons that cause crooked teeth, it is never too late to straighten your smile. At Veeyes, the branch of orthodontics  offers  you effective alignment treatments like orthodontic braces treatment, modifying   growth through various appliances, surgical correction of your jaws  with best results using all modernised and advanced techniques.


Metal Braces

Conventional Metal braces are basic type which is most widely and commonly used braces for kids and young adults. In this treatment, small metal passive pre-programmed brackets are attached to the teeth and connected with a thin wire which generates force for teeth to move. They are held in place using elastic bands and are monthly adjusted to align your teeth. This is a cost-effective and reliable treatment.

Lingual Braces

Unlike the regular braces, lingual braces are attached to the backside/ inside surfaces of your teeth. They are custom (CAD CAM DESIGNED) made to the lingual contours of the teeth and may take a while to get used to because of its location. They are just as effective as regular braces with lingual biomechanics. Highly recommended for age group above 30 + years for social appearance. Truly invisible to anyone other than you and orthodontist.

Self - Ligating

Metal Braces

Self-ligating metal braces are one of the advanced braces which much look like regular metal braces. The differences—instead of elastic bands, special clips are used to hold wire, which deliver low continuous force, and  highly efficient. Self-ligating braces require fewer orthodontal visits and lesser chair side-time. They are easy to clean and pain less during activation. Some of the Standard brands we use are  Damon system by ormco, Empower by American Orthodontics.

Self - Ligating Braces

Ceramic braces are more popular among hostel teens and adults who are looking for less obvious appearance of the braces. The ceramic braces are clear or tooth-coloured and don’t stand out as much as the metal braces. Treatment results are same as self ligation braces. The standard brand we use is Clarity SL.


No braces concept. Recently popularized because of near-invisible alternatives to braces. Invisalign are recommended for all age group including teens and adults and are suited for less severe orthodontic problems. Invisible braces are custom made to specifically fit your teeth. Invisible Aligners have to be worn consistently for the treatment to work. This concept comes in different name like clear aligner,clear path, K-line, Clear correct, Flez-align.



Interceptive orthodontics is diagnosing and treating any malpositioned teeth and differential jaw growth that the child may require at an early stage, while the permanent teeth are still growing. Dentofacial orthopaedics is a tool used by orthodontic dentists to guide the development of child’s jaw and teeth while the Jaws are still growing. 

Teeth Alignment
Veeyes dental.jpg

Dental Bridge

Bridge is a fixed alternative to removable partial dentures. It is used when there is one or more missing tooth in the same area of your mouth. It is a fixed alternative for missing teeth and the next best option to dental implants. The gap is closed using an artificial tooth or dental prosthetic. It is attached to the healthy tooth using dental cement made out of materials like metal, metal ceramic, zirconia etc.

This restorative procedure requires multiple visits to the dentist. With the help of X-Rays, the dentists will be able to assess the requirements.

Visit 1

The teeth on both the sides of damaged or missing tooth is reshaped to make room for the dental bridge to be placed. The impressions of your teeth are taken to make the bridges. A temporary bridge will be placed to protect the exposed teeth.

Visit 2

The temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is placed and adjusted till it matches the opposing biting teeth. Once it fits properly, the bridge is permanently cemented.

Dental bridges look and feel like natural teeth. They maintain the shape of your face and restores your ability to chew and grind properly.

Dental Bridges
Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography in dentistry was introduced in the year 1987. Digital radiography uses digital image capture devices instead of traditional photographic film. The image is captured on a receptor and immediately transfer to a computer system, which the dentist can refer to in real-time. Reduced radiation, quick image preview, time efficiency, reduced cost, portability and enhanced imagery are some of the advantages. Veeyes Dental Clinic, one of the top dental implant center has some of the most advanced and accurate diagnostic equipment used in the field of dentistry today. 



RVG is an advanced radiographic technique employed at VEEYES Dental care, that provides x-ray images instantly. With RVG the dentists can control the contrast of the images for better diagnosis and ease of procedure. They have the ability to enlarge very specific areas for locating the instrument, especially during endodontic treatment. By using RVG, the time taken for diagnosis and treatment is much shorter than traditional dental radiography. The patient is also exposed to subsequently less radiation with RVG.



OPG is a panoramic x-ray that captures upper jaw, lower jaw and teeth. The machine rotates around the patient’s head for about 20 seconds to capture the image. Apart from surgical planning, OPG is used for detecting fractures, dislocated jaws, infections, sinuses, cavities, general review and teeth arrangement. It is a fast and easy scan that leaves no radiation in your body. Patients are not allowed to wear any metal objects during this scan well. we always provide  thyroid collar and lead apron for safety measures and protect the patients from the harmful effects of x-ray radiations.



It is an Extra-oral digital x-ray which captures your upper and lower jaw in profile view.It is usually made to diagnose the discrepancy between the jaws, to classify skeletal and dental deformities, in estabilising facial types, in evaluation of treatment outcomes. In this x-ray is made with patient’s head in a standardized reproducible position to compare with subsequent X-rays.

Cone Beam Computed

Tomography (CBCT)

CBCT produces 3-D images of teeth, bone, nerve pathways and soft tissues in a single scan. Kavo CBCT is one of the highest possible diagnostic tools in dentistry. Veeyes Dental Clinic is one of the very few clinics to have this equipment advanced 3 D Imaging technology . The scan system revolves around the patient and the data is captured used cone-shaped x-ray. The data is then reconstructed as a 3D image. Using CBCT is a fast and non-invasive way to answer a number of questions regarding the evaluation of condition, diagnosis and treatment. At Veeyes, we use CBCT to provide dental implants for patients in an hour, To find the position of the submerged unerupted tooth etc.,

Intra - Oral


Intra oral cameras are new advancements in the field of dentistry which can magnify and give a clear picture of even minute details of teeth and soft tissues. We at VEEYES Dental care use Intra-oral camera for confirmatory diagnosis of tooth ailments, to educate the patients regarding their tooth and soft tissue conditions, in course of treatment for prognosis and to assess the treatment outcome.

Intra - Oral


Intra oral scanners are devices used for capturing direct optical impressions in dentistry. TRIOS 3-D  Digital Scanner is employed at Veeyes Dental for making measurements for crowns, bridges, bone screws etc. in no time. Digital Impressions minimize the discomfort of patients, which is felt during normal impression making. These Scanners also aid in smile designing where the outcome can be predicted more accurately. Patients who need  braces treatment can be able to visualize their treatment outcomes even before starting the procedure with our advanced 3-D scanning systems.

Pain Management

Pain Management

Tooth pain or tooth ache is the most common reason why people visit a dental clinic. Patient comfort before, during and after the  treatment is the first and foremost component of our treatment care. There are several techniques or methods when it comes to the management of pain ranging from delivering  injection to post-procedure pain management. Needless to say, at Veeyes we put patient experience and well-being first. We choose and recommend the technique that will be best suited for the patient.

Root Canal Treatment

Three out of four patients who walk into our clinic with toothache / dental pain require root canal treatment.We at VEEYES do advanced endodontic treatment procedures  such as microscopic endodontics, laser root canal treatment and root canal treatment done under loops for better magnification. A root canal treatment is used to recover or save an decayed, fractured, worn off or infected tooth. Here is a step by step procedure of the treatment:

  • An opening is made in the decayed tooth

  • The infected pulp located in the hollow part of your tooth is removed and decontaminated

  • The canals are filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha

  • It is then sealed using a filling a crown that serves as the protection for the tooth


Since this procedure is administered under a painless injection technique(local anesthesia), no pain will be felt during the procedure. With proper aftercare as directed by the dentist, you should be able to use the tooth like before in no time.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implant is a treatment option when there are one or more missing teeth. A permanent solution for missing teeth or for damaged teeth beyond repair. Dental implants are the most effective teeth replacement option and boast a high success rate. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, or to support a bridge in case of multiple teeth missing, or to support prosthesis when all the teeth are missing. There are different types of implants like conventional implants , Basal implants, Pterygoid implants, zygoma implants depending upon the supporting bone used for implant placement .

We follow various concepts in Dental Implant placements. We do extraction followed by immediate placement of implant screw and is allowed to integrate with jaw bone for say 2-3 months. After confirming the integration, the crown component is placed. In Immediate loading concept we place both the screw and the crown or cap component is placed together. With our ‘TEETH IN AN HOUR’ program, you can walk out with new, natural-looking teeth in one hour. We have so many International patients who come over to us for their Implant placements and fly Back with a Newly fixed Teeth.


Our Implant Dentists make sure that you feel little to no discomfort during the procedure. Implants can also be used to increase the acceptance of dentures by patients, with the help of implant attachments.  At VEEYES we can provide fixed options for Dentures through our ALL ON FOUR, ALL ON SIX OR ALL ON SEVEN implant concepts.


Step 1

A comprehensive dental exam is carried out with the help of 3-D imaging and X-Rays. This helps the  Implantology's to determine the bone available around the area for implant placement, the proximity of underlying structures like blood vessels and sinus which varies from patient to patient.

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