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Geriatric Dentistry


A myth in all elderly people, “Why to get your teeth Fixed at this age? it is not necessary”

At Veeyes Dental care, we take immense care to provide awareness about the dental health which is influenced by the general health and vice versa. Teeth are very important for chewing which helps in adding the required nutrition to one’s health which in turn gives a healthy life style. We are specialized in providing BPS Dentures, Dentures attached to implants for better retention, Full mouth rehabilitation with Bridges, Dental Implants, crowns and removable partial dentures. We always focus on bringing smiles back to the elderly by providing solutions such as sensitivity, severe wearing of teeth, teeth splinting, teeth cleaning, and gum treatments. We also provide various treatment modifications to medically compromised patients such as Diabetes oral care, heart patients and Physically Disabled patients.

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